REYMA MATERIALES REFRACTARIOS, S.A. was pioneer in introducing in Spain in 1999 the SOL-GEL technology for the manufacture of refractory concretes without cement. Nowadays, this range of materials is still one of the most demanded solutions in kilns and furnaces where the refractory lining requirements are high, fast heat-ups and curing are required, or cannot be completed in a properly controlled way.

SOL-GEL technology eliminates cement as bonding component, replacing it by addtives (sol) which react with nanoparticles incorporated through a coloidal silica solution, forming a chemical ceramic (gel) tri-dimensional bond, much more flexible and less sensitive to the speed of heat-up. This new kind of bonding structure provides a general improvement of properties like: compression and flexion strengths, refractoriness, higher hot softening temperature under load, general resistance to chemical attack and better behaviour against molten metals. In addition, it is remarkable the elimination of the risk of bursts or “spallings” caused by uncontrolled heat-ups or dry-outs, mentioned earlier.


Due to all above, and despite they were originally introduced in the steel sector (rolling mill furnaces and tundish), its usage has been extended to most industrial sectors, including cement industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metals foundries, aluminium and copper, aggregates (lime production, magnesite, etc), ceramic frits and enamels, chemical industry, etc. and in practice they are applicable to all those facilities using refractory linings.

Our SOL-GEL technology cement-free concretes are suitable to be applied through a variety of installation systems like vibrocast, pumping or dry-projection (gunning) by our high-pressure gunning system GUNTIX® HP.

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