Refractory materials

More than 90 years developping Refractory Solutions

Developing our own technology in products and refractory solutions.

Reyma comes from a long tradition of production of refractory materials. In 1980 established as REYMA MATERIALES REFRACTARIOS S.A. in Asua-Erandio (Bizkaia), to stop making bricks and focusing on the production of special refractory concretes and vibrocasted pieces. Begining an intense expansion and development path in Spain and Europe.

REYMA’s activity began in the Iron and Steel Industry, Cement, Forge and Lamination, extending to other areas such as Iron Foundries , Non-ferrous metal foundries, Lime, Gypsum, Chemical, Petrochemical Industry, Power Plants, Glass Industry, Frits and Emanels. In 1986 associated with the German company REFKO GMBH, for the joint development of refractory technology.

In 2004 Reyma consolidate in Latin America with the creation of the subsidiary REOTIX MATERIALES REFRACTARIOS, S.A. DE C.V., in order to assist the large cement market in Mexico and Central America. It has warehouse, offices and manufacturing facilities in Mexico City. In 2013 the presence in America with the establishment of REYMA MATERIALES REFRACTARIOS S.A.S, in Colombia is reinforeced.

Since 2003 Reyma continues to expand worldwide, and currently has 4 floors of own production and 15 international delegations.

Reyma continually invests in development and technology and in building it’s own manufacturing plants, allowing us to enter international markets.

Own technology to produce, distribute and export refractory materials and solutions that help solve the problems caused by chemical attack, abrasion and mechanical attack to which materials are subjected at high temperatures.
Working at the highest level of quality management, with respect for the environment, health and safety.
Reyma is a family business in its fourth generation, with a motivated and stable team of proven experience. We develop new systems and products attending to the needs of our customers, beating every day new challenges thanks to our own technology and modern machinery.