• Sistema SOL-GEL

SOL-GEL System

Cement free refractory concretes

REYMA-Reotix has been developing since 2000 a range of thixotropic refractory materials based on SOL-GEL technology, which eliminates the use of aluminous cement as a binder in the refractory concrete and consequently the use of water in the mixture is removed. Instead, a basic bonding liquid (silica colloidal solution) with refractory properties is used.

These types of materials are ideal to use in non-controlled or fast drying areas due to the urgency of the repair, as well as in contact with molten metals, of both ferric and non-ferric nature. The SOL-GEL System forms a chemical – ceramic bonding, less sensitive to heating up speed, forming a more flexible three-dimensional network structure, achieving higher refractoriness.

Benefits of the SOL-GEL System

      • Reduced dry-out and heat-up times. Quicker installation.
      • No risk of spallings.
      • Low sinterisation temperature.
      • High resistance against chemical attack.
      • Excellent behaviour against molten metals.
      • High mechanical resistance and against metal slags.
      • Better resistance against thermal shock.
      • Longer storage time.
      • Easy application.
      • Bonding liquid with refractory properties.
      • Wide range of materials.
      • No need of special machinery.