Special refractory solutions for coating the furnacdes for the production of frits and ceramic glazes.

Isolating concretes applied by casting.
Gunning isolating concretes.
High cement content concretes applied by casting, vibrating or patching.

Isolating refractory concretes with high refractoriness applied by casting.

Non cement content thixotropic concretes, with a liquid binder. For fast starts and eliminating the risk of “spalling” during the heating up.
Dry mortars with hydraulic bonding applied by casting or manual patching.
Dry pises applied by tamping.
Medium cement content refractory concretes applied by gunning or manual patching.

The technical department of REYMA Reotix has special technology, facilities and a very strict quality controls for the manufacture of formed parts. This allows us to provide the excellence of our formed or vibrocast parts to our customers.

Made with our refractory concretes by vibrocasting (metal, wood or disposable poliexpán molds) and temperized in an electric furnace (600ºCc) or sinterized (1500 ° C) in a gas furnace.
Burner blocks, muffles, special bricks, hearth pieces, piqueras output portaresistencias parts, portatapones and portabuzas Steelworks, ceramic anchors, etc.

Comprehensive installation service includes specialized monitoring, management and execution of any project through our staff.