ZSI Range

Zircon and silicon carbide based refractory concretes

REYMA Reotix has been developing since 2003 a range of thixotropic refractory materials combining zircon and silicon carbide as raw materials, merging the properties and advantages of both. This range of materials is primarily indicated for kilns burning waste alternative fuels because of their high resistances against chemical attack. And finally, along with very competitive price compared to materials with a high percentage of silicon carbide.

The high density of these refractory materials also hinders the ability of the corrosive gases to penetrate the refractory, again resulting in enhanced lifetimes; and they are designed to stand against wearing and tearing processes that can be present in Cement industries nowadays.

  • Excellent chemical resistances against alkali and alternative fuels stickings.
  • Excellent thermomechanical properties.
  • High density. Very good mechanical properties.
  • Low porosity. Reduction of the possibility of alkali sticking.
  • Better resistance against abrasion.
  • Zircon has neutral character so no reaction with any chemical compound (acids).
  • Better resistance to high water/air pressure cleanings.
  • Very high resistances against thermal shock.
  • Suitable for different application systems (vibrocast, self-flow, gunning, SOL-GEL®).
  • Smokes chamber. Inlet ramp and tray.
  • Venturi (gas accelerator) area. Areas with continuous cleanings by air shock blasters or high-pressure water.
  • Rotary kiln inlet cone.
  • Calciners. Low and medium stages cyclones.
  • Meal chutes.
  • Alternative fuels entry area.
  • Other areas with possibility of alkali or secondary fuels stickings. Kiln hood, cooler, etc.
  • Other areas with erosion/abrasion problems. Tertiary air duct and damper, burner, meal chutes, riser ducts between cyclones, etc.