Thixotropic refractory concretes applied by high-pressure gunning

Application system developed by REYMA Reotix for low-cement (LCC) concretes installed by high-pressure dry gunning, aimed to achieve high properties and products performance, comparable to “shotcreting” wet gunning but with the simplicity and low application cost of conventional gunning.

This is achieved by including a high-pressure water pump and small changes in the nozzle for better dissemination and homogeneity of the mixing water.

Benefits of the GUNTIX®HP System

      • Quick and easy installation with reduced application costs.
      • Great application flexibility. For small and large volumes .
      • Ability to pause and resume work.
      • Almost no dust is generated.
      • Rebound below 10%.
      • Improved cost in terms of material consumption.
      • Lower porosity and better properties of the applied concrete.
      • Less concrete required.
      • Longer lifetime of the refractory lining.
      • Higher profitability of the refractory material costs.
      • Versatility in the application.
      • Wide range of GUNTIX® refractory concretes for each application and area.