Refractory Engineering

Including the development of thermal calculations, definition and control of materials, joints and anchors and definition and implementation of plans. REYMA Reotix Refractory Engineering.

Special Testing Laboratory

Own laboratories for the research and development of new materials as well as for quality control of our products, performing chemical, mineralogical, abrasion resistance and reactivity (Static Crucible Test) analysis.

Future Vision

In REYMA REOTIX we anticipate the needs of our customers looking for developments that combine high technology with cost savings.

Why choose Reyma?

REYMA REOTIX will attend any problem always providing the best solution. Our customers know the quality of our products and our strong commitment towards innovation.

  • EQUIPMENT: experienced professionals, trained and excited by a well done job.
  • CUSTOMERS: we organize refractory technical training sessions for our customers.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: work for the sustainable development of industry and carbon footprint.
  • ENVIRONMENT: we are concerned about the environment, and in our production there are no direct emissions to the environment.
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