Antiwearing concretes

REYMA-Reotix has developed a range of refractory concretes with excellent mechanical strengths both under bending and compression, and very low erosion loss values ​​at both high and low temperatures, even below 100C and in the presence of acids. For its monolithic nature they present several significant advantages over traditional anti-wear plates/tiles and can be applied by different systems and with the possibility of several anchoring systems. The main reasons for the use of the antiabrasion refractory concretes are to avoid inleaking (false) air entry which decreases energy efficiency of the industrial process, as well as for environmental protection.

Benefits of the PROTIX® Range

      • Quick installation & dry-out.
      • Resistant to abrasion & wear.
      • Very low sinterisation temperature.
      • Very high mechanical resistance both against flexion and erosion in a wide range of temperatures.
      • Applicable in great surfaces, free of geometric or joints restrictions and in different thicknesses depending on the area.
      • Short application time with minimum staff, no need of special machinery.
      • High application performance, with low application cost and easy maintenance.
      • Different application systems: vibrocast, self-flow, gunning, patching.
      • Different types of anchors: rod or plate, steel wire mesh, hexagonal or hex-mesh, etc.
      • Suitable to be reinforced with steel fibres (needles).