NEL System ®

Never Ending Lining

REYMA Reotix has developed a vibrocast and high-pressure gunning application system based on nanoparticles, with chemical binding cement-free concretes, in order to maximize the performance of furnaces. This system may lengthen the lifetime of the refractory linings indefinitely.

The main advantage of this system is that it allows to regrow the lining thickness with no need to demolish it. The newly installed layer sticks perfectly to the former coating, whether it is concrete or brickwork. Ideal for short stoppages or when there is no time to demolish more areas, and to guarantee the lifetime of the lining until the next overhaul, repairing partially through regrowth.

Quick and easy installation. NEL products allow to seggregate existing linings by reusing the old areas, recovering their original characteristics.

  • Costs savings on materials and manpower.
  • Flexibility of application, small and large scopes of work.
  • Possibility of stopping and resuming works
  • Low percentages of reject and dust.
  • Possibility of fast dry-outs and heat-ups.
  • No explosions or spalling.
  • Excellent behaviour against chemical attack and molten metals.
  • Lower sinterisation temperature.
  • Suitable for every area of the furnace.
  • Wide range of NEL® materials for each application.
  • Suitable to install over insulation or hot-face worn lining without anchors for thicknesses
  • For higher thicknesses, RNEL type anchors can be used, in 16 units/m2 density (250 mm pitch pattern).
  • Suitable to be installed over insulation, concrete or old brickwork.
  • Manpower costs savings on demolition, anchoring and installation of new insulation.
  • Avoids purchasing costs of new anchors and insulating materials.
  • Safety as priority – No risky jobs like wrecking, cleaning or rubble removal.
  • Transport ladles.
  • Rotary kilns.
  • Smelter furnaces.
  • Reverberatory melting furnaces.
  • Rotary kilns.
  • Melting and maintenance furnaces.
  • Alloying furnaces.
  • Cupola furnace.
  • Channel maintenance furnace.
  • Casting ladles and tundishses.
  • E.A.F. vaults.